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Keeping the joy and energy of a new beginning alive!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Last week was my first week back at 'work' after the summer break and I am excited to finally be doing what I love full time. It feels like all my past experiences, education, training, and all the changes I've been through have brought me to this moment, setting up my own coaching practice.

However… my inner critic has been popping its head up. My imposter syndrome has been sneaking in. I realised, that I was just like the clients that I'm excited about supporting. If I wasn't careful, I wouldn't fulfil the potential of this new chapter.

Starting something new is exciting and the initial adrenalin hugely motivating. However, did you know that your inner critic and imposter syndrome are at their loudest when you've just started something new? When you've just been promoted? When you've just started a new job? Did you know that if you don't get these under control, you can lose confidence, struggle to fit in, and eventually that spark of joy of a new beginning fades and can lead to disenchantment, frustration, and the very opposite of what you were excited for. How many people want to quit their new jobs within the first year? How many thousands of pounds are wasted in recruiting new talent that they then lose when they struggle to fit in?

I decided to practice what I preach and I've been talking to my coach. What a difference it's made to my week. I'm feeling more in control, I now recognise what has been holding me back, I have more confidence in my abilities and have clarity over the way ahead. I'm excited about supporting people in their new beginnings so that they can keep that joy of their new start alive, and not let themselves get in the way of the path they deserve.

If you're starting a new role or a new career and would like to chat to me Change Navigating please do reach out.

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