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What is Coaching?

You can read all the books, go on all the training courses, agree it's the right thing to do, and still find it difficult bring about change.  This is where coaching can help, providing clarity and transferring that learning into action for that unique individual.


Coaching supports the transfer of knowledge and learning into the real world.   It provides a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to explore thoughts and ideas.  It clarifies the way ahead, unlocking barriers to development, developing efficacy, and empowering individuals to make changes, grow, and fulfil their potential. 

Coaching is not training, it's not mentoring, nor is it counselling. Coaching is a partnership, where the Coachee will work hard in a supportive environment.  The coach will support the individual by identifying biases, raising self-awareness, unlocking barriers and enabling clarity in a non-judgemental way.  A coach can also support with smart goal-setting and providing accountability.

Coaching at Change Navigating


At Change Navigating, our coaching is grounded in Organisational and Coaching Psychology and uses evidence based coaching methods.  We support you to:

  • Gain clarity on the changes you are navigating and the potential barriers in your way

  • Develop your leadership skills for your unique environment

  • Increase your awareness of unconscious biases or thinking traps that are hindering your growth and change 

  • Support you in identifying actions and providing accountability

  • Enable behavioural change, and, 

  • Navigate new ways of working


Coaching with us can provide support with:

  • Career Transitions

  • Leadership Development

  • Behavioural Change

  • Intercultural Awareness

  • Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Life Transitions

Our Services
Enjoying the Nature

1:1 Coaching

Virtual or Face-to-face bespoke coaching programmes tailored to your needs as a unique individual.

Contact us to explore further how we can help you and your teams.

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