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Thrive in a

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Executive, Leadership & Personal Coaching
Team, & Group Coaching

with Annabelle White MSc MBPsS, PCC

Change is hard, rarely straightforward, and often uncomfortable.  It is also inevitable — a critical step towards fulfilling potential and achieving goals. 

How you respond to change, is up to you.

You are unique, with your own history and mindset.  This influences not only your experience of change, but also your ability to navigate it. 


At Change Navigating, we support you to make the changes you want in yourself and in your career through the power of coaching.  This can be anything from wanting to feel less stressed, more confident, have a greater sense of belonging, or wanting to make a greater impact.


We help you to identify your barriers to change, and support you to harness your unique self to overcome these. 


We provide a safe confidential space for reflection, learning and growth.


We offer professional coaching informed by evidence-based psychology, to enable successful, sustainable and transformational change.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

~ Carl Rogers

Annabelle White - Director and Lead Coach

"Hi.  I'm Annabelle, and I am the Director and Lead Coach at Change Navigating.  I am an accredited Executive Coach, Organisational Psychologist, and Change Consultant.  Whether you're new in your role, or aspiring to make a change for either you or your team, I can support you. 

I love the beauty in peoples' differences. I thrive on helping people tap into their unique selves to enable the transformation of learning into real life.


My approach is to focus on raising self-awareness, supporting the individual or team to clarify their barriers to development and to identify their best ways to overcome these. I use a range of evidence-based coaching techniques depending on where on the change journey the client or team is, and I can use the Lumina Spark psychometric tools and Team 360s when appropriate. I have a warm, approachable, and collaborative coaching style and can provide challenge and accountability when needed."

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Who do we typically partner with?

  • New teams or professionals transitioning to new roles or environments

  • Ambitious or overwhelmed leaders ready for growth and development

  • Leaders seeking to strengthen their team's performance or culture

  • Organisations striving to implement changes across their organisations

  • Emerging Leaders with ambitions for growth or aiming for promotion

  • Returners, returning to the workforce after a career break

  • People at pivot points in their careers, considering a new direction

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How does it work?

We support you and your teams to navigate change, tailoring our approach to the circumstance. Coaching is the catalyst to transformational change. We use evidence based coaching methods, drawn from coaching psychology and organisational psychology knowledge.

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