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Ready for change? Or not?

I love Autumn. I love the colours, the smells, digging out the woollies, the cosy jumpers, delighting in the changing leaves and conkers. BUT. This year.... I’m not ready.

I’m railing inside. “I haven’t had a summer yet!!”.

Those who know me know that I lived for 10 years in the Middle East, and even before then I was always a summer baby, happiest with the sun on my skin. This year the weather in the UK has been a bit 'meh' and it is the first summer I’ve not been abroad, normally irresistibly drawn to hotter climes.

My frustration at not having had my summer is spoiling my enjoyment and delight of the changing season. Instead I’m feeling frustrated. Sad. Grieving what might have been.

Many of my clients come to me already knowing they want to change, knowing they will like it, knowing it will give them pleasure, knowing it’s what they need and it’s good for them. But something is holding them back. For some, that’s unresolved frustrations from the past. The ‘what might have been’.

You can’t change the past. But you can and do need to acknowledge it, come to terms with it, and learn from it, so that you can be ready to move on and delight in and make the most of your change.

If you know someone who needs help in unlocking what’s holding them back, or would benefit with some support navigating their change, do ask them if they’d like to reach out and have a conversation with me.

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